How the SPI protocol works

The SPI is a high-speed synchronous serial input/output port that allows a serial bit stream of programmed length (2 to 16 bits) to be shifted into and out of the device at a programmed bit-transfer rate. The SPI is normally used for communication between the device and external peripherals. Typical […]

How The Bluetooth Protocol Works

The Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology that allows anyone to connect and communicate to another devices. Many gadgets and appliances and things today have a Bluetooth capability, like mobile phones, laptop, television and many other things. The technological community has evolved very quickly and vastly. The innovation of […]

The UART Protocol

A UART protocol is a communications protocol, which is expanded as Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. UARTs exist to transmit and receive serial data.  A UART is a stand-alone IC or a physical circuit within a microcontroller. UART makes use of 2 wires to transmit and receive data between devices. In the […]