The Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology that allows anyone to connect and communicate to another devices. Many gadgets and appliances and things today have a Bluetooth capability, like mobile phones, laptop, television and many other things. The technological community has evolved very quickly and vastly. The innovation of the inventors has made this world easier to live in.

Bluetooth has many protocols and each protocol has different uses.

  • Link manager protocol
  • Logical link control and adaptation protocol
  • Radio frequency communications
  • Bluetooth network encapsulation protocol
  • Audio video distribution transport protocol
  • Telephony control protocol

Each of the protocol has different function and different uses that made your gadgets such as your mobile phones more efficient. Bluetooth has made an impact to technological community that made your gadget so efficient and given it may uses. Many gadgets today have a Bluetooth like, cellphone accessories, mouse and television and made it more functional.

Bluetooth uses RF or Radio Frequency to connect to the other device. The radio waves are used to synchronize and connect to the other devices. The device transmits radio waves that will be received by the other device that will make the connection. Basically Bluetooth is made to replace those awfully long cables that people used to connect a device to another device back then.

The Bluetooth has many uses such as:

  • Wireless control for cell phone and cell phone accessories such as wireless headset or earphone.
  • A wireless remote control for stereos and Television
  • Used to transfer and receive files.
  • Used for printers and other computer accessories
  • Can be used as an internet connection known as PAN personal access network.
  • Wireless communication to any form of devices such as Hand held phones and Personal Computers.
  • Wireless communication between gadgets that can transmit radio waves.

The main goal of Bluetooth connection is to provide a wireless communication between two or more devices and at the same time minimal the power consumption. Wireless communication such as Bluetooth indeed made a great impact to the community that made the gadgets more functional and efficient to use. Bluetooth uses radio frequency to emit and transmit radio waves, does it makes it possible to connect to the other device that can also transmit frequency.


The innovation has led to further new discoveries

Bluetooth became popular because of its many functions, almost all of the gadgets and devices have a Bluetooth connection in it.  To put it simple the Bluetooth protocols make a connection to other device.  Bluetooth made the world easier than before, just imagine if no one has created Bluetooth? Then you will have to use wires or cables to connect to the other devices and that would be a burden. Fortunately for you Bluetooth has existed and made it easier to connect to the other device. Years of years of improvement and innovation has made this form of wireless communication and still continues to improve. Bluetooth has made the solution to make it possible to connect without wires and cables and has made the technological community advanced.

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