Here is some information if you want to begin and learn to program! This will explain what languages there are and will give you an understanding about the topic.

Understanding the Programming Language
Programming language often refers to a variety of high-level languages, including Pascal, Ada, FORTRAN, COBOL and C++ and more. Every language has a distinct set of keywords and a special syntax necessary for program instructions.
This is important because it defines the semantics, grammar and relationship that allow the programmers to efficiently communicate with the machines they program.
The Purpose of Programming Language
Programming languages have several purposes. Programmers can structure the instructions into procedures or functions with the use of a programming language. It also allows them to instruct the computer what to do in a form that is readable by human. The language also enables the program to be broken down into ‘chunk’ that can be improved by a group of developers.
Expert computer programmers fully understand the why and how of computer systems, which include the system limitations. They can also set some realistic expectations and adjust or work around such limitations to take advantage of the use of the machine and its accessories and features.
If you are interested in the field of programming or information technology, some programming languages you need to be acquaint with include the following:
o SQL (Structured Query Language) – it is a special purpose language used to manage data un relational database management systems. Different database technologies, including PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server power large businesses, small companies, universities, banks and hospitals. It is a domain specific language with a special purpose that is used in programming. Just about every computer and individual with access to technology actually touches something SQL one way or another.
o Java – this is one of the most commonly adopted programming languages utilized by some nine million developers. It also runs on 7 billion devices throughout the world. With its long-term compatibility, it will sure stay on the market for a longer time.
o C++ – This is a general-purpose programing language that is object oriented, initially released in 1983. There are many applications written in C++ and this include MongoDB databases, Microsoft and Adobe applications. This is the best programming language to learn especially for applications that are performance-critical, which include audio or video processing. It is also used to develop application software, systems software, client applications, video games and high-performance server.
o C Language – this is a general-purpose language developed in the early seventies. It is the most widely used and oldest language that provides the building blocks for some other common languages, including Java, C#, Python and JavaScript. It is also mostly used to implement embedded apps and operating systems.
o C# – Pronounced as C-sharp, this is actually a multi-paradigm language that was developed by Microsoft as a part of its .NET initiative. It is also a general-purpose language that is used in developing software for Windows and Microsoft platforms.
If you are thinking of entering the IT industry, becoming a developer or a programmer, it is very important to be well-versed with some programming languages, so you can be adaptable and versatile. This is also crucial for those who want understand what’s behind their computer systems and apps.

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