Late 2016 I decided I needed to buy headphones in order to stop my spree of destroying earphones.
I was looking for headphones with strong build quality and great sound and most importantly: reliable bluetooth. I was willing to shell out some cash for this but it musn’t be above 300 euros.
While making my purchase decision I was torn between the sony mdrx1000, the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless and the V-moda crossfade wireless.
I have had this product for about 2 months and I think it’s time to give my opinion about these headphones.
I am first going to talk about why I chose these V-moda’s instead of the other options. Then I will give my opinion about the top three important factors for headphones: Build quality, sound quality and comfort. After the three factors I will talk about the extra features that the V-moda has. Lastly, I wil give my final verdict about these headphones and if it’s actually worth buying these headphones now.

Buying decision

I usually buy earphones, but after destroying 4 pairs of earphones in 2 years I thought that the problem: why they get destroyed, was because of the cord that breaks easily. I needed to get rid of the cord and go wirelessly
I could have gone for some wireless earphones but I soon found out that they have short battery life and some even have poor sound quality compared to the price. So I looked for wireless headphones. The sony mdrx1000’s and the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless were initiately my main choices. But I was really looking for strong build quality after my destruction spree. So I ticked of the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless because it’s fully made of plastic. So my main option was now the sony mdrx1000 but after looking for some other options i found these V-moda’s. And I became in love with the design, and soon I found out that they take build quality and sound quality seriously! I decided to buy these instead of the sony headphones.

Build quality

V-moda’s site claims that these over-ear headphones have Military-level Durability, which includes : up to 10 flat headbend bends, 1+ million cable bends and build like a tank. I can confirm that they definately live up to these claims. These headphones feel extremely solid. I have used these headphones for 2 months fulltime and I haven’t noticed any wear and tears. A very cool feature they have is that you can change up the plates on the sides of the headphones. You can buy the extra plates of the V-moda website and it ranges from 3d printed plastics to gold and even rhodium materials! But before you buy the precious material plates the cost over the 5000 euros :).

The headphones have three buttons on the side, one bluetooth pairing button on the bottom, one micro-usb port to charge the headphones and one 3.5 mm headphone jack which are also placed on the bottom. You can press the two outer buttons on de side to lower and raise the volume and the middle side button is for play/pause and skip. Press the middle button to times to skip a track and three times to go back a track. However, there is a small hardware flaw in the design: Sometimes the side buttons won’t registrate a press which can be quiet annoying sometimes, you have to push the buttons deeply en not to0 fast. I am still wondering why they haven’t fixed this issue already since these headphones are over a year old! But this is the only hardware flaw that I can find so far.

Sound quality

These headphones don’t disappoint when it comes to sound quality. I have tested it with multiple music genres: HipHop, R&B, POP, Alternative and even classical audio. These headphones really stand out in HipHop and R&B. With their 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Driver according to their website. The bass is amazing and the highs are clear but the mids needs some attention. These headphones also have a decently wide soundstage going for it too! If you are looking for fun listening headphones look no further. I could totally vibe out with these headphones. But I could notice a difference of the clarity between connecting the headphones wired via the 3.5 jack or listening via bluetooth. Also a disclaimer if you are using bluetooth without any music on, I could hear a small hiss but I could not hear the hiss when the sound is on. I would recommend these headphones to people who are not looking for an equal balanced sound but an enhanced beats by dre like sound that sounds more precise.


I would immediately recommend to shell out 20 euros more and buy the XL Memory Cushions. The difference is like night and day. The standard earpads are really thin and I found that they leaked a lot of sound. The memory cushions on the other hand isolated the sound a great bit and even extended the base because of the memory foam material. The comfort without the memory cushions is acceptable. The earcups are large enough to fit my ears and the headband has acceptable clamping force. I think that three hours non-stop listening is do-able. The comfort with the memory cushions changes up the game. I have worn the headphones non stop without any problems.

The headband is adjustable and the earcups swivel wh ich is nice. I fits snugly around my head. I would rate the overal comfort wihout the extra cushions an eight.


bluetooth: It’s reliable so far. It has about a 15 metre range and still has signal if you phone is between a wall from you. I only noticed bluetooth signal drop-outs if the battery is almost drained. Which is understandable.

battery life: It lasts a whole day for me even the non-stop listening days which is about <10 hours of listening time. When the battery is almost drained you will hear beeps to signalize.

cables and carrying case: The carrying case is a hardshell type. It’s perfectly contoured for the headphones and protects the headphones well without adding to much bulk. You will also get a flat micro usb cable and a durable braided 3.5 mm headphone jack cable to connect your headphones without bluetooth. A carabiner is also included to hang your case onto something. 


To summarize, good buildquality with a few flaws, amazing and fun soundquality and outstanding comfort if you use the extra XL Memory Cushions. I thinks this a overal good bluetooth headset that nailed the basics of what good headphones should be. I definitely recommend these headphones even early 2017.


PS: This is my first review. I would like to know what you liked about this review and on what I need to improve on. Please leave a comment!

LINKS: V-moda OFFICIALWEBSITE , If you are interested in buying: V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphone – Gunmetal Black, V-MODA XL Memory Cushions for Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

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