guide for the 555 timer

The timer 555 that gets its identity from the 3 resistors of 5kω utilized to create the two comparators reference voltage, is an exceptionally modest, prevalent and valuable accuracy timing gadget. It can go about either to produce single heartbeats or create long delays or as an unwinding oscillator delivering […]

The advantages of programming in C

C is one of the most important programming languages that you can find online. Not only is it amazing to begin with, but it also does an excellent job at allowing programmers to easily customize their code and create just about any program that you may want. You should totally […]

How SPI works

Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) is an interface bus. It helps transfer data between microcontrollers while keeping them in sync and ensuring continuous connectivity.  It is also called as a communication bus between master and slaves. The master is the main hub which has information and data stored in it. This […]